Thursday, March 26, 2009

it's cold in the world outside

today is a snow day ... in anticipation of inclement weather, school has been cancelled ... Mrs. Moth started to bring NoJo and Gumdrop over, but it is too nasty out ... we've had almost no moisture all winter; doesn't it just figure that the skies will try to make up for it in one day? the streets were wet and there was a light dusting on the grass at five this morning ... less than two hours later there were three inches of snow on the ground and the streets had sheets of ice underneath ... treacherous ... the local meteorologists say this is just the beginning and to expect two inches an hour till tomorrow morning ... brrr.

and since it is cold in the world outside ... here are pictures of the polar quilt that i made (for Littlelle - she needs something that isn't pink and brown, right?) ... the pattern is children's delight ... i love the colors (especially the nebula batik that is the outer border) ... but i should have fussy-cut the focus fabric - random rotary cutting just doesn't do it justice. fortunately, i have enough left to make a quilt for myself (someday) ... the orcas and the polar bears are too cool ... the penguins, however, can stay at the South Pole, doing their happy feet thing.

i free-motion quilted snowflakes in the middle of each block, polar bears across the top and bottom, and orcas up the side borders ... Auntia traced out snowflakes from The Little Book of Snowflakes and then we kinko'ed them till they were the right size.

the naming block is my favorite ... it was an orphan practice block that was pressed into service ... my original plan was to make paper-pieced blocks of little orcas as signature blocks for the entire quilt, with the polar novelty print as borders ...... and it would have been really, really cool ...... but then i remembered the problems that i had with the last signature quilt that i made for the Moth family ...... perhaps another time.

i think it is time for a cuppa tea, a raisin cinnamon roll ... and a nap.

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