Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a bun in the oven

Mrs. Moth has a bun in the oven ... a little pink bun whose name will begin with the letter "L" but is a secret because ...... well, because that is the nature of the Moths.

so, little pink bun in the oven's nonna calls her Littlelle because ...... well, because that is the nature of the Nona.

Littlelle's big brother (NoJo) is 8 and her big sister (Gumdrop) is almost 6 ... needless to say, all of the baby stuff is gone ... handed off to friends or relatives ... broken ... worn out ... lost ... gone.

Littlelle needs a shower of baby goodies and Mrs. Blakesmom generously offered to be the hostess. the very least that Littlelle's auntie and nonna could do is to help with the favors and refreshments ...... the party needed a theme ... oooo - how about a bun in the oven?!?

we found the cutest little party favors here ... but they didn't come in pink and we would have been able to buy only one or two for prizes because they were kinda pricey (last week we found them at Michael's for $1.99 each - who knew?) ... what to do? what to do?
Auntia decided that she could make them herself (in pink, of course) ... one for each invited guest. uhmmm - you do realize that's 40 ovens, don't you? seriously? seriously?
but Auntia likes a challenge, too. we started the search for the perfect cinnamon bun candles to put inside the ovens and found candle tarts here that i hoped would work. we ordered half a pound. but when they arrived, they were too small for the ovens. they smelled wonderful, though, and will be a prize for some lucky guest at the shower. then we found tea light candles here ... and they were exactly what we were looking for. they really do look like cinnamon rolls and they smell like heaven!

Auntia loves origami and can fold a flat piece of paper into all kinds beautiful shapes; making an oven-shaped template was easy enough for her to do. we couldn't find a bun in the oven stamp at any of our usual haunts; she found one on eBay. JoAnn's had their scrapbook papers on sale a few weeks ago, so we loaded up on pink card stock. she traced ... and i cut. we were watching her Supernatural Season 1 DVDs and she finally had to take the scissors away from me ... that show is scary ......
i probably could have folded the paper without hurting myself (or anyone else), but Auntia pooh-pahed me and took over ... sheesh.

look at what she made! is that not the cutest thing??!!?? the stamped parchment paper is held on by little pink heart-shaped brads ... the burners are buttons held down with ZOTS ... we bought a punch for the oven doors and she used a sliced-up page protector for the windows ... all held together with Duck Easy Stick tape ...

and then she just had to do it thirty-nine more times ... do you see that block on the wall behind the ovens? that's what she really ought to be working on ... and the pile of projects stacked up against the wall behind her ...... but then we wouldn't have 40 of these too cute for words little pink ovens with buns, now would we?


  1. Hi VERY cute idea and I am VERY interested in making these for my sis in laws baby shower. Can you please send me a template or the measurments. Thanx so much!

  2. I am throwing my own baby shower and am in love with the "bun in the oven" theme. I absolutely adore these little ovens and I too cannot find a template or stamp anywhere. Could you please help in anyway?

  3. Christy - you are a no-reply blogger and i cannot contact you

  4. Sorry, I am not a blogger. I just accidentally came upon your page. Please email me at