Friday, March 20, 2009

spring has sprung

the grass ain't riz ... i wonder where the flowers iz?

this morning i whined to Ranette about having no flowers blooming except for a few crocus (go check out her lovely weeping cherry tree blossoms ... sigh) ...... i was supposed to be laying out that ugly black soaker hose that you see (before the plants start to misbehave) instead of reading blogs ...... anywho, i didn't want to do it because i knew that first i would have to clean out the old stuff from last year ... plant architectural interest in the winter garden (in my case ... ugly mess) ... before i could start with the hose. i waited for the record breaking high temperatures we were supposed to have today so i could use the it's too hot to work outside excuse ... but it hadn't warmed up by noon, so i went outside and started raking ... look at what i found hiding under some old iris leaves...
... she is the sweetest little plant...
...that i have seen in a month of sundays ... just look at those pretty little faces!
the earth is dry (again) ... we are in a drought (again) and the fire danger is extremely high (again) ... the mountain snow pack is above normal, but we will probably have water restrictions (again) ... i am glad that hose is where it is supposed to be.

and now i that i've been a good little gardener, i'm gonna (ignore the baskets of laundry waiting to be folded) go play with my pink and orange BOM blocks.

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