Sunday, March 29, 2009


Peanut Butter Cup's first birthday was thursday and the family celebration is later today ... i made this little butterfly cake so she can smash it to pieces ... it isn't quite finished - i am going to slice up the strawberries to add some color to those wings - but i didn't want them turning to mushy strawberry soup before this afternoon, so that will have to wait ...

i made this alternate cake as a backup (because you never know what is going to happen in transit)...

Auntia has a totally different idea of what a smash cake is ... i don't think she was aiming at me ... although, from the few little tastes that i had, that cake is gonna be pretty yummy and i wouldn't mind too much if some of it made it's way into my mouth...

and these are the presents for the birthday girl - a Care Bear tied fleece blanket (next time i have to tie two inch strips, i gonna cut them at three inches and then trim them down - my fingers are too cranky to tie such short strips), a cup cozy, a little cupcake tote (i added a loop and button to the top so that precious contents won't be spilling out) and a Good Luck Care Bear ... it's a good thing we had a bear put away for emergencies - there were no Care Bears to be found at our usual haunts yesterday ...... and now ... on to other stuff!

edit - as a side note, today is Mr. Husker's 59th birthday, and chris's (my friend in topekamerica), too! so, happy birthday to both of you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to everyone! And, excuse me, but are you garnishing with *fresh* strawberries?! I've heard they're better mashed! LOL

    Very cute cake; hope you all had a wonderful celebration:D