Sunday, March 15, 2009

blue green colors flashing

there were two baby showers yesterday ... one was for Littlelle and the other was for Otherone Jr.'s wife's soon-to-be-here baby boy ... because the parties were on the same day and the scheduled times coincided, i couldn't go to the shower for my (first) great-nephew. but Nicci (my sister, who should be referred to as Mrs. Husker, but she wouldn't like that since she was raised here and not Nebraska, so she likes the Buffs) and Little Nonnie did make the rounds, and transported the presents that i made for the baby. and here they are ... a Nuture Nest, crib-sized quilt, flannel blanket, a crocheted blanket and hat, a ribbon snugglie, and a peek-a-boobie (also known as a hooter hider or nursing cover). the shower was a luncheon ... and word has it that Otherone can cook up a mean lasagna. when Nicci and Little Nonnie showed up at Littlelle's shower, their eyes were kinda glazed over ... the round trip from Longmont to Littleton to Thornton to Longmont maps out to over 110 miles. and that's not counting the extra miles from getting lost and/or turned around.
Nicci was also kind enough to take the presents that Mrs. Moth sent for her new first cousin, once removed. lottsa baby boy stuff ...... which is the opposite of Littlelle's shower ...... but that will have to wait till another time because i have a bunch of cleaning to do before the sun goes down.

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  1. All those blues and greens are so beautiful! Thanks for telling me how you found my blog--I'm always interested in how folks end up at PMAT. I left the answer to your question under the comments section back at my place. Here's what I said, in case you didn't see: "Hope you found what you were looking for! In my experience, cooling, wrapping well and freezing immediately will keep your rolls fresh and lovely for at least 3-4 weeks. Thaw them completely at room temperature, still wrapped. Heat and ice; or ice and heat, depending. You’ve taken on a pretty big undertaking, and it all sounds like it’s going to be really tasty! Happy Bun-in-the-Oven party"