Saturday, December 19, 2009

'twas seven nights before christmas

and all through the house
a creature was stirring
and it was a mouse...

now it's a dead mouse
that trap was sure handy
baited with peanut butter
and chocolate chip candy

he went for a sniff
and a nibble or two
then snap, crackle, pop
his story was through

if we had a kitty
we wouldn't need traps
but cats make us sneeze
and scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch

so ... good bye, little mouse
but before you go
tell all your friends
to stay out in the snow

note#1: one mouse was killed in the writing of this poem
note#2: animal control does not rescue mice that aren't on the endangered list - i know this from experience
note #3: animal control doesn't rescue skunks, either ... they shoot skunks ... i know this from experience, too


  1. I hate those meecies to pieces......

  2. Good bye mouse - however, thank you, for if you had not existed, we would never have read such a great poem from the assassinator.

    What a girl! You go get 'em.