Thursday, December 24, 2009

ready ... fire ... aim

the kitchen is as decorated as it ever gets...
my little scandinavian girl - i didn't get her out till after the 12th for the past few years cuz the little advent angel kept sliding back down to the 1st ... this year it didn't hold on the other half, either
i'm going for understatement
i'd like to say that i thought of this nifty embroidered towel - but Target beat me to it
... and i baked a few of these...hey - your peanut butter is in my chocolate!
whoa -your chocolate is in my peanut butter!

peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses ... i baked tea cakes and lime meltaways, too ... and made dough for pizelles - but they're not gonna get done before tomorrow ... neither are the strombolis ... nor the cabbage pockets ...
and the living room is as lit as it's gonna get...and Auntia thought that those peppermint lights were something we could live without a couple of years ago ... now she's the peppermintanalia collector
here's Auntia baking cookies ...stand up straight!
i was supposed to get an apron made for her with hunky christmas guys...that's better! isn't she just the cutest baby girl?!? bless her heart!
but i didn't get that done, either...she's got the whole world in her hands
and LuLu has learned to play the chimes ... that' s the space christmas tree behind her...
maybe i'll take you on a tour sometime ... but for now ... christmas decorating and baking and wrapping and posting is as done as it's gonna get

happy christmas!

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