Wednesday, December 9, 2009

minus 10

i used to work with a funny ha ha not funny strange guy from Fargo, North Dakota ... he was kinda bald on the top of his head and he had a Fargo accent yah... shure ... yoo betcha and he told lottsa Sven and Ollie jokes that were politically incorrect and got him into a lotta trouble with Management and when it was cold he wore a Fargo hat like this one...LuLu the red-nosed baby gotta promise to not tell Mrs. Moth that i put a boy hat on her little girl's head ... you know what he knew that the rest of us didn't?!? a Fargo hat with sherpa lining and ear flaps is warm and toasty even when it's 10 degrees below zero (that's minus 23.3333333333336 in Celsius) which is what it was in downtown Denver when i woke up this morning ... sheesh ... it's cold in the world outside!!!

1 comment:

  1. That's not cold, that is fffffffffing freezing! You could always paint the fur on the Fargo hat pink to make it more girly.