Wednesday, December 9, 2009

minus 17

was the official low for the day...
how cold is that in Celsius? i dunno - here's the link - but i thought i was gonna dislocate my collarbones when we went out for NoJo's christmas concert ... my shoulders shot up around my ears and didn't come back down again till we came back home and i wrapped up in three quilts ... maybe i'll start a new system for measuring the temperature and call it SER - Shoulder to Ear Ratio...look at those dimples!!! he gets those from me! NoJo is in the red shirt that his mom went out to buy for him during her lunch hour cuz he didn't think a green shirt was festive enough ...... the school's halls were decorated with gigantic bugs that the third graders made during their insect unit...Jofes the Dragonfly
this one is NoJo's... Jofes?!? seriously!?!
he's never been able to say (or spell, apparently) his middle name ... his mom wanted a picture of it before it gets torn to shreds by elementary school bee rats ... so here it is, Mrs. Moth!

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