Saturday, December 12, 2009

six and one-half

today is Gumdrop's half birthday - woo hoo!!!
and today was Saturday Sampler 3 meeting #6 at TQS ... i took a quick snapshot of our blocks just before we walked out of the door so it's kinda blurry...Auntia's on the left and mine on the right ... whoa dude - that's making me dizzy
...this block was easier than the others have been - i dunno if that's because i am not as intimidated by the templates or because Auntia has assured me that she will trade blocks with me when we are all done - i really, really, really don't like the focus fabric ... anywho, TQS had their windows and door painted for the holiday season...

Mingo's friend

a very clear view of the other side of the street
...and some sample quilts made from the Sherry Berry fabric line that Auntia likes so much hanging in the window ... christmas stuff is gonna be 50% off the day after christmas - but there's already no figgy pudding left - sigh ... and there will be a reunion of all the BOMs and Saturday Samplers next saturday - i still haven't decided on settings for the pink and orange blocks that i made for Saturday Sampler 2 ... Auntia has a plan for the Lakehouse blue hydrangea blocks that we made, but she can't find the sage hydrangea petals fabric that she wants to use ... so we don't have anything to show ...... anywho, there will be a new BOM starting the first saturday in february of red & white or blue & white paper-pieced blocks from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler ... i have some serious issues with paper-piecing - i just can't seem to think in reverse and sometimes i can't think in forward, either - but Sheri says it's easy - maybe she can get it through my thick noggin ...... there was a display of art quilts in the back of the shop and i thought that this one...hey lady - you've got a bird on your head
...was really cool ... the quilter made it for a Hoffman Challenge ...... after the BOM meeting, we dropped off some vitamins for Little Nonnie and then headed back ... this was the view going 65mph while southbound on 287...
doesn't look like much snow, does it? but that field is covered with 2-3 feet of the white stuff
...right now it is 36 degrees and it feels almost balmy compared with the earlier part of the week ...... Corbadoo performed in a preschool christmas program this afternoon...
(and the video should appear here, but Blogger still hadn't loaded it after 6 and 1/2 hours ... so ... no video)
that big old head of hair that keeps blocking the view belonged to the tallest lady i've ever had to sit behind
...he's the cutie-patootie in the middle giving his classmate hugs and getting the most aaaawwwwws!!! from the audience ... Peanut Butter Cup's foot was caught in the seat and it ruined her afternoon ... this was as happy as she was gonna be...grumpus maximus
...and that was after Auntia tried consoling her with chocolate ... Corbadoo posed one more smiles here, either
...before the Man in the Red Suit stopped by for a visit ... and then we went to two different Targets, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's looking for R2D2 lights and a tree topper for the space tree ... no luck finding either at any ... i guess that Yoda will have to remain in exile on Dagobah for another year


  1. Love the Hoffman challenge quilt too. Very cool. Let me know how that Bridal sampler is. I have considered doing that one or the other bridal one (Farmers? or something like that.

  2. Woo hoo, that looks cold.....all that wet white stuff......little kids' Christmas concerts are fun!

  3. You tell like it is. LOL and a groan or two.........

  4. Yep, you have a little bit more snow than I had last week. Show off!