Sunday, December 13, 2009

you talkin' to me?

i dunno know why but i didn't complete last month's SS3 BOM till last tuesday ... or maybe it was wednesday ...... anywho, it was not in a timely manner and i decided to not let that happen with this month's block...november's on the left ... december's on the right now i can fuhgeddaboudit till next month


Jennifer said...

Looks like the song "Wimoweh"...the lion sleeps tonight!

Gran said...

Beauty! Is the BOM where you go and have become acquainted with "More Then A Gardener"? I am still laughing about that one!

Mama Spark said...

Interesting fabrics..fuhgeddaboudit?? That's a new one to me! I guess since I learned something new I can go to bed!