Saturday, June 13, 2009

that which we call a rose

by any other name
would smell as sweet

and, believe me - while these were being made, they were called a whole lot of names that have nothing to do with the flower...
cupcakes for Gumdrop's 6th birthday party
Auntia started out with these...lemon and strawberry cupcakes baked by yours truly
strawberry frosting tinted hot pink ... it was supposed to be red frosting, but the pink just kept getting hotter and hotter instead of redder and redder
and turned them into these...
who's gonna eat all those cupcakes??? that's only 35 of 72!!!
and this is how she did it...

she's not muttering, she's counting ribbon, onetwothree, onetwothreefourfive, onetwothreefourfivesixseven
is that cool or what!!??!! she learned that at the cake decorating class ... a few days ago, she practiced a few times with some white frosting... Auntia made the skinny roses - mine (from the technique i learned at Mrs. Mayo's cake decorating class a long, long time ago - back when rocks were soft and mist was in the air) are the fat ones ... they're all kinda ugly, but practice makes perfect
she put them on a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and then practiced making ribbons and rosettes

by the time she'd turned out 74 roses (two of them splatted upside down when they came off the flower nail) she was pretty doggone good at it

and now, for a bit of haiku...
the sunrise was rose
and covered the sky with light
to conquer the night

okay ... oh-kay ... that wasn't actually inspired by frosting roses chilling out in the fridge ... and i wrote it a long, long time ago ... but, still


  1. I was in Michael's today, browsing the cake decorating aisles, and saw a bunch of packages of sheet fondant--guess who I thought of? You of course! LOL! Lovely roses! I used to do that kind of stuff, but now I'd rather just squirt it in my mouth and not worry about how it looks! ROFLOL!

  2. I do what Kim does! LOL I am impressed Auntia's talent though!

  3. What a girl - actually the both of you!!!
    I wish I had a girl.

    Thank you for a great read!!!!!!!!