Monday, June 22, 2009

12 step

tomorrow night is the first of two applique classes that Auntia and i registered for back in april ... the end of june seemed so far away and the idea of becoming
an "AA" (appliqué addict) it's really much easier than it seems
was much
more appealing then than it is now ...... the class is from 6:30-8:30pm - with a looong drive there and back again ... and when it is over it will be too late to visit Little Nonnie so don't tell her ... but we will be close to Schlotsky's and i do have a coupon...

...this is the class sample that is displayed in the shop...
...and this is the fabric and the book that we will be working with...
when the book arrived, i thought that it must be wrong because it looks so different from the sample ... there is no way that book would ever have convinced me to spend $25 on it if it had just been sitting on a shelf at the shop ...... Auntia chose most of the fabrics ... the leaves, stems and (maybe) a border are gonna be the green plaid ... the purple thistles on black will be the setting triangles and alternate blocks ... and the flowers will be from the purples and oranges ... maybe she will quilt men in kilts or bagpipes on it ...

...there are other supplies that are required... ...we are each gonna work on two blocks ... and if we like doing applique, we'll each do two more ... so this might be a wall hanging or a crib-sized quilt, depending on whether or not we need to go to any more AA meetings ...... i'm hoping that this goes better than the last class that we took together ... after four years of sitting in the purple bag, i finally took out the stained glass projects that we started but never looked at again and recycled the fat quarters ... the rest of the stuff found its way into a giveaway bag destined for the crafts gone bad aisle (i think that Kim coined that phrase) at the local thrift store


  1. Weeelllll.....the colours aren't bad, even if it doesn't have little men in kilts playing bagpipes....perhaps you could quilt the Loch Ness monster on it......

  2. Well I love applique, so maybe you won't find it so bad after all?! But if you do, feel free to package all that stuff up and mail it to me--LOL! I wish I could claim the "crafts gone bad aisle" originated with me, but it didn't--I got it from the gal at Tall House Quilts blog. It's SOOOO appropriate!

  3. Wee Gilly would be proud to accept anything that you put your mind too. I am betting that you love the AA meeting. Best of luck to you and Auntia.

  4. I hated applique for appx. 18 of my 22 years quilting....until I took 2 applique classes this winter and now I LOVE it. I could do it before, but after the classes I'm much more confident. I hope you and Auntia enjoy the class and Schlotsky's, which is my favorite place to eat....yummy!