Thursday, June 11, 2009

roses are pink

violets are purple
if you mess with the Kingons
they'll give you a nurple

maybe i shouldn't have bad-mouthed Burger King

i was going to prune the jeanne la joie rose that is climbing (not!) up the trellis by the garage ... too late again ... not only did the Finches nest on top of the light (for the fourth year in a row)...
...A.N. Onymus has taken up residence right above the garage door ... that poor rosebush is never gonna get trimmed...
...she hangs out over Michael Myson's vw bug and whacks me in the face anytime i get too close...
...but she is beautiful when she is in bloom!

51 of the 120 Miss Melly nine-patches are finished (no pictures - the cutting table is just as messy as it was during the tornado)

and Ranette is having a giveaway in honor of her three pretty daughters ... she makes beautiful quilts and homemade flour tortillas, too


  1. A.N. Onymus is just lovely....I can smell her from here!

  2. Whoops....the bird is A.N. Onymus, not the rosebush....I can't even see her or smell love the rose bush!