Tuesday, June 30, 2009

not all who wander are lost

if you wandered over here from Kim's blog about megging and Hocuspocusville (referred to around here as HPV - not the virus) and studies and soccer terms and quilting embroidered quilts and the other myriad topics that Kim worked her word magic into one cohesive post ... and you've noticed that the picture that i posted of HPV's quilt shop wasn't actually finished ... well, here it is in all its wrinkly glory...you want it ... you know you do!!!
i decided to use a back stitch for the words on the tree banner after all ... i think i will do the same for the small words on the other blocks ... and (raising up my glass to Kim and her love of Starbucks - the coffee bar, not the Colonial Warrior) i've traced out Bubble and Brew - the fly-thru coffee shop - to embroider next...
...while i was wandering around searching for the links i realized that the designer for Crabapple Hill is named Meg ... coincidence?


  1. Now that is gorgeous, I love it!

  2. Coincidence? I think NOT! ROFLOL! There's a coffee shop? OH MY! NOW which block will I make FIRST?! You see, I haven't actually OPENED the pattern yet. Just don't tell me there's a George Clooney House too, or I'll be completely lost! Or, maybe not--maybe that would solve my problem because I'd likely want to get George settled in first. Happy stitch witchery!