Wednesday, June 10, 2009

have it your way

just before Mother's Day, Michael Myson called and said that Burger King had Star Trek glasses ... and not to go to all Kellogg's and buy a bunch of BK stuff, trying to get all four of the glasses ... he and his buddy Omen were gonna go to BK the next day and he would check out the glasses and let me know if they were cool ... and if they were cool enough, he and Omen would eat there till they had one of each of the glasses because they like Burger King whoppers ... and then he reiterated that i was not to spend a week's worth of grocery money buying Burger King just so i could have all of the Star Trek glasses and that he really meant it, mom!!!

i dunno - kids these days ... they grow into adults and they get all bossy and judgmental and think they have all the answers ... i wasn't gonna buy a bunch of Burger King stuff - i don't even like Burger King ... their commercials are creepy with that funky mask-faced king ... and i've never forgiven them for the whopper jingle that is still stuck in my head ... hold-the-pickle-hold-the-lettuce-special-orders-don't-upset-us-all-we-ask-is-that-you-let-us-serve-it-your-way ... arghhh - there it goes again ... anywho, Michael followed through and gave me a complete mint in the box set of Star Trek glasses for Mother's Day and they are pretty doggone cool...
that is not my glass - it is Auntia's because she wanted to actually be able to use them ... mine are MIB
...a few days later, the phone rang again ... this time it was NoJo and Gumdrop ... Nona! Burger King has Star Trek toys!!! oh man - you gotta be kidding me - why couldn't it be Mickey D's or Taco Bell or Wendy's or any place except Burger King??? i surfed the Burger King site and found that there were sixteen (groan) different Star Trek toys available only at Burger King ... sixteen kids' meals ... at least fifty dollars worth of gastrointestinal distress ... what to do? what to do?
those are not my toys - they are Auntia's and i get to play with them whenever i want - mine are MIP
no nasty BK kids' meals or sixteen trips through the drive-thru ... Spock and company were delivered right to my door by my friendly postal person for a fraction of the price in dollars, calories and stomachaches ... all of them talk or make sounds and they are incredibly cool ... and i didn't have to go all Kellogg's


  1. After trash talking BK, the King's gonna come after you! ROFLOL! How can you not like Whoppers?! I like Whoppers! Well, junior Whoppers with cheese anyway. But there aren't any convenient BKs around--if there were, I'd have quite a collection of Star Trek stuff! (Instead, I just have greasy fingers from my McDonald's fries.)

  2. That was almost as entertaining as listening to you and your startled screams everytime you touched one and it went off and hearing you say "I didn't even touch the button." You must have the magnetic touch.