Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it was a dark and stormy night

photo courtesy of NoJo's dad (who should have been cowering in the basement instead of taking pictures)...
...i called my grandson on sunday ... no special reason, i just wanted to tell him that i love him...
hi Nona (sniff, sob)
what's the matter NoJo?
(sniff, snarfle ... sniff) nothing
no, seriously dude ... what's wrong?
nothing ... i'm okay (SNIFF, sob)
are you hurt? did you get into trouble? did you get yelled at?
(SOB) no ... no (snarfle) ... no (SNIFF)
dude, let me talk to your mom.
oooohhhh (SOB) kaaaay

seems there was a tornado in Aurora ... by Grandma Rachel's house ... where NoJo's dad was ... and it scared NoJo's dad ... so he called his kids to tell him that he loves them ... just in case ... which is, by the way, something i would do ... and then NoJo got scared, too ... but he has to be a tough guy, so he couldn't tell me why he was upset because that would make him look like a wuss and no self-respecting eight-year-old boy wants to look like a wuss, right!??!
his step-dad, Mr. Moth, put him in the car and took him to an open field so they could watch the storm from a safe distance (is 35 miles a safe distance, i wonder ... i guess it is) and told him that only rarely do people get hurt in tornadoes because we have tornado watches and warnings and safe places to be when the rare storm does decide to do some damage and that his dad and grandma and cousin were gonna be okay...
...thank Spirit that it's okay for plenty-seven-year old nonnas to look like wusses, because if i saw that coming at me, i wouldn't be taking pictures of it - i'd be cowering in the basement with my flashlight, duct tape, plastic sheeting, battery-powered radio, and bottled water...
...the only serious human injury from that particular tornado was a man who was taking pictures of it ... ya think?!?
and, even though Aurora is really, really far away, i'm thinking that the Miss Melly blocks must have been caught up in the maelstrom ... what a mess ... i have the 120 plain blocks cut and a whopping eight nine-patches completed for the (240 - omigawd) block swap


  1. You have to love it when someone calls his kids to tell them, for possibly for the last time, that he loves them because he is so afraid. Yet he goes outside intentionally to take a photo or two. That is big time smarts right there. Lets hope they have the mother's brains or better yet their Nonna's brains. No even better the Auntia's brains.

  2. Hey my sewing table looks like yours!

    You know what's weird? I live smack dab in the middle of tornado ally and we don't have basements here. No one does and very few have shelters. I think it's because the men are mostly out looking at the clouds when a big ol storm rolls through. Someday I'm gonna have me a bunker though.