Sunday, June 28, 2009

coulda shoulda woulda

i coulda gone to see the new Transformers movie this morning
and i shoulda gone to see Little Nonnie
and i woulda cleaned house...

but i piddled around and now it's too late for any of that ... and now i could be quilting Auntia's quilt that i promised would be finished by July 4th but i didn't say which year...and i should be mowing the lawn
and i would be working on the bat prototype......but i'm piddling around with Blogger - which has been very cranky today...
...and since Blogger IS being cranky i think that i will go and write (with a pen and a piece of stationery ... like in the old days) a thank you note to my world's best sister for the pansy pillowcases that she gave to me for no special reason...
...and the tea towel that she embroidered of Uncle Sam pointing his finger at me so i would remember to vote on her sooper-dooper embroidery machine ... she had to do some modifying because the design didn't tell her to change thread colors for his pointer finger and when she took it out of the hoop the first time she said where's his freakin' finger??!! only she didn't say freakin' but that's okay because we both learned how to swear like sailors from the eXMen (who were, in fact, sailors) and sometimes cussin' just makes me feel better ... i gotta go write that freakin' thank you note

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  1. Curse you...I see how it is. I get you into the Spooktacular Swap and you get me hooked on Haunted embroidery!!