Friday, May 1, 2009

taken for a ride

yesterday i made the monthly trip to Costco ... i needed baby butt wipes, PreserVision (for Little Nonnie's Mother's Day present), envelopes, and Dr. Pepper...
i knew i was in trouble when i first walked in the door ... six-packs of geraniums for $21.69 ... and we're talking big, pink geraniums ... hanging baskets for $16.49 ... hanging baskets with pink geraniums and vinca vine ... then i remembered that i needed some clear storage boxes and bread and pancake mix and sugar and socks with grey heels and light bulbs and a shop stool (seriously ... it has wheels and a little lever that makes it go up and down ... it is way cool) ... and then i found an easy go cart (it is the green thing in the picture that looks like a trash can that's been whacked off sideways) and decided that $17.99 was a small price to pay for not aggravating my sciatic nerve when i lift bags of dog food and potting soil ...... before i knew it, the shopping basket was overflowing with stuff that was not on my list ... for a total of $208.84... was not easy loading all of that stuff into Auntia's car ... and it's a good thing that she wasn't with me - i might have had to tie her to the roof ... but the easy go cart held all of the plants and the little stuff and is so very, very green ... i think it will come in handy for... rides to a goofy boy...
and his goofier sister ... she's a white-knuckled rider ... i think i scared her with the sudden stops and figure eights and all of the woo hooing ...... every nonna needs one of these!

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  1. Love the easy go cart -- I've never seen one. I think it will be very handy!