Friday, May 22, 2009

molly muffin

don't those look delicious?!? aren't they the most beautimous muffins you've ever seen? okay, oh-kay ... there are a couple of them that are kinda ugly ... but i ate them right after i took the picture, so they didn't suffer for too long ..... my youngest daughter makes the very best cinnamon muffins that i have ever eaten in my entire life... she is the night before mother's day, rocking out to whatever is on the iPod (or is it an mp3?) and stirring the cinnamon sugar ... did you notice her posture? how does she stir and stand with her shoulders so straight and her head so high and not make a mess?!?

i dunno how she does it ... i've used the same recipe and my muffins are not as good ... there must be some secret sumpin-sumpin that she puts in them because they don't taste like plain old cinnamon muffins when she finishes with them ... they taste like ... uhm ... heaven comes to mind...


...there are no muffins this morning and i will have to settle for a mediocre Costco parmesan bagel ... sigh ... i hope i don't have to wait another year for my very most favorite muffins in the whole wide world ... are you reading this, Auntia?

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  1. I love for you to post the recipe and let me know when you do.