Wednesday, May 13, 2009

edith keeler must die

star trek
... i liked it ... i think i will allow myself to love it ...... i am not (nor shall i ever be) ready for an end to the mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new lifeforms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before ...... that being said ... i dunno ... i just kept expecting time travel to fix things ... edith keeler had to die ... gracie and george had to be transported to the future ... zefram cochran had to achieve warp ... i have become accustomed to time lines in the star trek multi-verses being fixable ...... i love the new mccoy, scott, pike, uhura and chekov ... i did not like the new amanda grayson (thank gawd she bit the vulcan dust and shouldn't be back) or the very young kirk ... i didn't like kirk's mother, but i did like his father ... i am okay with the new kirk and the new spock ... but i am truly grateful that my spock was there to hold my hand (and i noticed that, with the right lighting and makeup, he remarkably resembles (in a good way) my ex's mother - enough so that they could be brother and sister) ...... i didn't like how ugly the new romulans are ... orion females should probably not attend star fleet academy ... and i can't quite wrap my head around spock and uhura being an item ... that is a bit ...
i dunno ... i think i need to go back and watch it all over again ... a few more times ... maybe five or six...

...this was in the lobby ... yep, the new transformer movie will be in theaters near you on june 24, 2009 ... can you tell who is excited beyond all measure? enough so that she was willing to stand in a crowded lobby and have her picture taken with BumbleBee...
...who is, by the way, definitely male

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  1. I LOVED the new movie!! We all went to see it this weekend. I really liked Kirk, Sulu and Scott (he was especially cute as a young guy!) I want to go and see it again too. They changed the Romulans so much I wasn't sure at first who they were supposed to be! All in all very entertaining!!