Tuesday, May 12, 2009

plan to fail

this is what happens when i fail to plan ... a couple of weeks ago i had cabin fever ... instead of waiting for my friendly postal person to pick up the stuff that needed to be mailed the day before lasterday, i decided to drop off the letters (bills) in the drive-up box ... Auntia wanted a change of scenery, too ... so off we went for the two mile jaunt to the post office ... we mailed our important stuff ... but neither of us wanted to go home ... the local quilt store that was just a few miles away closed at the end of march and we have been sad without fat quarter fridays and quick trips for fabric fixes ... now the closest lqs is about 15 miles away ... it is where Cabin Fever Quilts used to be (which, considering our mood, seemed an appropriate destination) but is now The Patch Works ... we headed up 287 ... and then i couldn't remember if it was on 287 or 95 ... and it was raining ... groan ... i wasn't lost ... but i didn't know where i was going ... groan ... anywho, after a few wrong turns we found the lqs was right where we left it and we oohed and aahed at fabric for an hour or so ... i saw the blue fabric in the picture above in the clearance basket ... it was a little less than one and a half yards and i thought it would make a perfect sky for Mr. Husker's quilt ... i decided that making a bunch of half square triangles and then putting them together into friendship stars and bear paws would make it more interesting than just plain squares on the diagonal ... so i started whacking away at my (very limited amount of) pretty blue fabric ... i made dozens of hsts and started piecing them into blocks ... but they were all too small when i tried putting them together with their companion blocks ... groan ... Sven's quarter-inch tape had slipped (or maybe gremlins moved it in the middle of the night) and everything was wrong ... so i (threw the too small blocks in with the orphan blocks) fixed the tape and started piecing again ... finished up eight of the pieced blocks and cut some plain squares ... took them downstairs and placed them above the mountains ... groan ... i forgot about the set-in triangles ... and i am down to 7 inches of fabric ... groan ... i gotta come up with a better plan

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