Wednesday, May 6, 2009


do you remember this guy? his name is Mingo and the last time i saw him he was stretched out in the middle of The Quilters Studio - not taking a nap ... well, this is the sad state that i found him in when we went to the BOM club on saturday ... it seems he's been hitting the bars ... just look at that sad, pathetic face ... alone in the corner ... forsaken ... the word on the street is he's lost his standing with chicks to this guy...
a biker musician dude who travels with his own bali pops band and fat quarters groupies ... wearing his plaid shorts, birkenstocks, and cool shades - he wins them over with his rockin' rendition of you are my sunshine ... dancing and flapping his wings in some kind of weird pink mating ritual ...... it just isn't fair ... it's enough to drive a bird to drink

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