Sunday, May 3, 2009

cutting the apron strings

Auntia will start cake decorating classes on wednesday ... she needed an apron ... so i made this one for her ... it is from a pattern (by Mary Mulari) called Mary's Reversible Apron ... it takes one yard each of two different fabrics and is easy to make ...... it is too long for Auntia and she has to fold it up ... she can bring the waist ties around the back and to the front and still has enough to tie a bow (on accounta she's so teeny tiny - grrrr)...

...needless to say, when i tried it on i had to remember how to tie a bow behind my back ... when i make the next apron (for me) i am going to eliminate the Velcro on the neck straps (and make a loop that fits me), shorten it by a couple of inches, and curve the sides on the bottom instead of having right angled corners...

and now ... for your viewing enjoyment ... the elusive ... the rare ... the priceless ... the coveted
science beam up badge...

lit up... the dark!!!
pretty cool, huh?!?


  1. cool careful though if they beam you up who knows where you end up!

    Great apron! I pulled some fabric this weekend to make some for our quilt show in the fall.

  2. You are such a dork! But it is pretty cool!!