Wednesday, May 6, 2009

love me tender

my sister is the best ... she is my friend and confidant ... she never ever says i told you so! when she gives me advice and i don't follow it and the end results kick me in the butt ...... she always has my back and she is my soft place to fall (and, believe me, i fall ... a lot) ...... she gives me her time and her patience and her love ...... she taught me how to read ... and how to embroider ... and how to put on mascara ... and how to burp a baby ... and how to cut my losses...
... she let me tag along when she went to the movies ... and she taught me that Elvis was the King ... i gave this quilt to her two years ago at the fantastic tea party that Traveling Man and Mrs. Izziesmom hosted at the Brown Palace Hotel in honor of her sixtieth birthday ... the quilt's name is all shook up! and it's sole purpose is to hug my sister when i can't ...... today is my sister's birthday and i hope she has the best day ever!
happy birthday, Nicci!!!

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