Saturday, September 11, 2010

we interrupt the serious news...

to bring you this bit of fluff ...... today this quilt...flower power
went to live in its new home ... it needed to be purple ... and it needed to have flowers ... and it needed to be girlie ... Auntia chose the fat quarters for me since i have a lotta trouble getting my fabric choices to quiet down and stop shouting ... it is a Happy Hour pattern and the piecing only took a few hours - the quilting and the binding were a totally different story...
and this afghan...totally impractical
blossomed from this ... and joined flower jump into the gift bag and begone!!!
for the past few weeks, Auntia and i have been putting together fun stuff for the baby shower for Mrs. Blakesmom ... look at the beautiful diaper cake Auntia made...oooo!!! and no calories!!!
she found a tutorial here ... Auntia's version is pretty doggone impressive ... it was a LOT of work - diapers were not meant to be rolled up like that and it gave me a whole new appreciation for cigar-rollers letmetellya ... i only rolled twenty or thirty and i thought my hands were gonna fall off ... Auntia also made this pretty little daisy cake...basket weave is not for the faint of heart
it was a white layer cake with seedless raspberry jam filling and vanilla butter cream frosting ... the leaves are from the peppermint plant that lives in her room - who grows mint inside?!? the cake was dee-licious ...... and now that the baby shower (i have more pictures - do you want to see them?) is over, we will return to our regularly scheduled program ... i have really, really missed reading blogs and posting......


  1. Impressive ladies! And yes! I do want to see more pictures:)

  2. Ahhhh there you are! My, my you all have been busy. Sweet quilt and afghan! I am also impressed with Auntia's cake making abilities...diaper and basket weave!

  3. Love that diaper cake and the quilt is so adorably girly!! Thanks for the reference to the tutorial too.

  4. I've missed you too! Both cakes are adorable. My mouth is watering!
    Welcome back.

  5. Oh...I forgot....the quilt and afghan are lovely, too.

  6. That must have been the most wonderful shower! That diaper cake is priceless. Ditto the basket weave cake! Almost too good to mess up all that work by eating it.....but I think I could have managed! Glad you like the Pastry Chef. Isn't she a hoot? Speaking of cinnamon buns, I want to try her recipe. Will report back.....

  7. That diaper cake is amazing, but the daisy cake looks even better, probably because I can imagine eating a sweet, moist, delicious plateful, the diaper cake, sounds like it would need a gallon of milk to get down....hahaha.

    I hope the mama doesn't take apart that diaper cake ever....or at least waits until the baby no longer needs diapers!!