Sunday, September 19, 2010

there go sunday afternoons

for the next five months ... and a monday evening ... in a previous post i wrote about the Broncos and how crazy excited Auntia gets when the NFL regular season starts ... a few weeks ago i found myself in the drive-thru lane so Auntia could get this...the official Wendy's Bronco 2010 Collectible Schedule cup

static ... Welcome to Wendstatic! Would you like to statitry our blah static blah blah?!? static

do you have the Bronco 2010 Collectible Schedule cup?

static ... Would you like to order now? static

well ... i dunno ... do you have the cup? i'm asking cuz last year we ordered and you didn't have the cup and we had to come back...

static we static static cup

was that a yes, we have the cup? or was that a no, we do not have the cup?

static we static the cup

sorry - i still didn't hear you

YES we static the cup

oh ... good ... then i want one of whatever i have to order to get the cup and one junior bacon cheeseburger

so you want a combo static and a junior staticon cheesestaticger

will that get me a cup?




  1. Go Broncos!!!! Last week's game was a dud....

    I out to look at Homecoming Dance dresses--yeah, you know it---there will be more than looking involved.

    At least with the game, I have a good reason to cutting the shopping short. Oh, and the laundromat visit I have to make today since the dryer is acting up and I've got laundry out the wazooooooooo