Friday, September 17, 2010

fluff stuffing

eight or ten years ago i was looking for something that Auntia and i could do on her spring break that was 1) close by and b) inexpensive ... i searched on cheap entertainment within a 20 mile radius and found Celestial Seasonings free* tours of their factory ... i tried to find it without directions and we ended up at the Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art, instead which also offers free* admission... after a looooong drive around and about everywhere in Boulder except Sleepytime Drive we went home and called my sister who knew exactly how to get there and gave us detailed directions ... we went to Boulder again on a gloomy spring morning and schlepped our way through the tour (including going into the infamous mint room) and sipped our free* sample of tea before pouring out with the rest of the crowd into the gift shop ... yeah - the tour ended in a gift shop - just like all the way cool rides at Disneyland ... and we told ourselves that we would return someday when we had some money to spend ... and then it all fell out of my head till i made those teabag wallets and i realized that we were gonna have to put something in them ... so i yahoo mapped Celestial Seasonings ... i didn't know if we would be leaving from Near Broomfield or from Longmont so i printed out both routes that would lead us to here...Auntia and Singe - no good can come of that combination
where we proceeded to oooooh!!! and aaaaaah!!! at teapots and tea sets and tea tins and tea tee shirts (i wanted the one with the dragon and Auntia wanted the one with the tiger - so neither of us bought one) and tea spoons and tea whatevers that filled the gift shop ... we found the wall of individually wrapped teabags and loaded up a basket ... it wasn't until we got back to the car that i realized i hadn't printed reverse directions to get back home and we almost ended up at the Leanin' Tree again ... it's a good thing there are mountains to the west and plains to the east - if i ever move to the Western Slope i'm gonna be in deep doodoo ...

someday when we have money to spend we're gonna go back and i'm gonna buy that dragon tea tee shirt...

*there is, of course, no such thing as a free anything ... you know that


  1. Make mine raspberry....Oh, and if there's any left, I'll have a slice of that basket weave cake on the side!

  2. You will have to buy the tiger one too....can't get just one unless Auntia is happy to share.....

  3. Someday....I HAVE to meet you in person. You crack me up!

  4. I think Mama T and I will have to plan a road trip...I have met her in person and she's a doll and I'm well, me :o)

    I thought I was the only person that needed "reverse"

  5. HOW could you possibly leave without that dragon tea t-shirt, like those are everywhere! You have way more will power than I !!