Monday, September 13, 2010

more fluff

since one of you asked (thank you, Annemiek, for humoring me) here are some more baby shower pictures ... we decided to celebrate the expectant mom who is very excited that she is gonna have the little girl that she's always wanted with this party ... Mrs. Blakesmom's favorite color is purple and her favorite flowers are daisies ... oooo!!! a theme!!! i love themes!!!
messie tussie mussie
the party favors were placed inside cones (made from 12x12 scrapbook paper) ... for some reason, i couldn't fold a flat piece of paper into a cone shape to save my soul, so Auntia rolled the papers and i held the shape while she glued them down ... in the meantime, Mrs. Moth and Gumdrop were tying ribbons around tulle circles with Hershey's kisses inside and stuffing teabags into the tea wallets ... Auntia found a little poem about babies and seeds...

These little seeds are small like me
You can imagine what they will be
It won't be long befo
re they sprout
And by that time I'll be out
So please enjoy as you
r flowers appear
And think of me when I get here!

she printed it on pretty purple paper and used little purple brads to attach the poem to packets of daisy seeds ... and, of course, we had to include a cup cozy...oooo!!! goodies!!!
we used REAL tablecloths ... the centerpieces were teapots filled with flowers and placed on doilies that were crocheted by my grandmother, my mother, and me and were languishing in the linen closest...get that stuff off of my plate - i'm hungry!!!
i baked pumpkin, zucchini, banana, and peach quick breads and some tea cakes ... Auntia baked cupcakes and the lavender daisy cake ... we were gonna make tea sandwiches, but we ran outta time ... did you know that Target's deli makes trays of roll ups and sandwiches and fruit? and if you did know, did you know that they actually taste pretty doggone good? Mrs. Blakesmom, someone i don't know, and Mrs. Moth
well, they do! and there are little chocolate-frosted eclairs in the freezer section and coconut macaroons in the bakery, too!!!
the drink station was set up with coffee, a selection of teas, and water...thirst quenchers
that little vase with the big B is for the new baby girl - her first and last names begin with B ... the little purple balls in the vase are Aqua Gems - they were a big squishy hit (thank you, Thelma - i would never have known what they were if you hadn't had them popping all over your table) ... there's a daisy for each of the most important people in her life - her mom and her dad and her big brother
and there was a table for presents...lottsa good stuff in those bags
with balloons and Auntia's diaper cake ... one of the guests thought the diaper cake was real and asked when we were gonna cut into it - ha ha ha!!! Mrs. Blakesmom's sisters and mother had some fun games for us to play ... i think that everyone enjoyed themselves
and in five weeks give or take a day or two we will get to hold a brand new baby girl...


  1. Wow! Looks like you guys went to a ton of work. It all looks so beautiful -- what a wonderful gift to the new mom!

  2. Thanks for sharing more pics! I love seeing what other people do for baby showers.

  3. What a fabulous party! Love the purple daisy theme, our new garden has purple daisies growing....we have been computer-less for a few days but all is well now we hope.....

  4. When I see what can be done---all your little touches look so lovely!---I feel like Mrs. Uncreative of the century! Bet the mom-to-be was delighted! Love those doilies---keep them out! It's criminal to hide them in the closet!

  5. OMG, what a spread, and the party favors...AMAZING!! I hope the mama got some great gifts, because you know how to host a wonderful shower!

    So were you able to control your aqua gems??? I never did blog about it, but if you quit watering them, they shrink back down !!