Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the same ... but different

i wanted this pattern from Crab-apple Hill in the worst way ... so Auntia gave it to me for christmas last year...Over the River and Through the Woods
and i was ever so grateful ... and then i looked at it again and decided that i didn't like the colors which, i am sure, surprises everyone cuz they are neutral shudder and dark double shudder ... so i decided that when i started stitching - it was gonna be brighter and lighter ... and i wanted it to be more autumnal ... and i didn't like the words cuz my grandmother lived in california and it was over the mountains and through the desert ... and i didn't want the sleigh cuz i've never even ridden in a sleigh so why would i want to stitch one ... and 51 x 57 isn't big enough...
so ... brighter autumn colors ... with a different layout ... and not exactly the same stitchery ... and bigger
i wrote down the fabric requirements and kept the yellow sticky with me till i forgot to take it outta my pocket and washed it with my jeans for months...

when i saw Saltbox Harvest i knew i had found exactly the right fabric to autumn up the quilt ... and when we went shop hopping i looked for a charm pack of Saltbox Harvest so i could do some more planning ... Auntia found the perfect fabric for the embroidery and i took the bolt over to the charm packs and placed those lovely Saltbox Harvest prints on my chosen background ... and i thought

bleck - i don't like it. i don't like it at all. maybe i need a different background? wait ... what is this? Awesome! seriously? isn't this the one with the panel that has a squirrel shudder? i hate squirrels. it can't be the one with the squirrel. oooo! i really like these fabrics! seriously, i really do love these fabrics! this can't be the line that has the squirrel cuz these fabrics are .... well ... Awesome!

Awesome by Sandy Gervais
and so i bought the charm pack ... and i bought enough of the background fabric for the embroidery ... and i took it home and put them with the pattern...doesn't that background look like it was made to go with the charm pack?!?
oh ... wait ... it
was made to go with the charm pack!
and then i went to the lqs that is closing its doors forever and found some yardage that was marked down a bit...
oooo! it's even prettier when it's in big pieces!
and i really, really liked it ... but ... why are there stars in the middle of the quilt instead of around the edge? and there are still those troublesome words ... what if i take out the middle embroidery ... and move the other two stitcheries to where the stars are ... and piece leaves for where the stitcheries used to be...ooo! batiks! i knew i would find a reason to buy batiks!
and keep the flying geese ... but make an outer border of stars for the top and bottom ... and i still want to replace the sleigh with a ... uhm ... five window wrap around pickup truck ... Auntia is collecting the supplies for this Crab-apple Hill design and it has a pickup truck that i could use ... and i'm gonna need more fabric...fat quarter bundle - score!!!
so i splurged and bought the fat quarter bundle ... this is the second fat quarter bundle that i've allowed myself to buy and it is ... well ... Awesome!
expensive, but Awesome!
a luxury, but Awesome!
but Awesome!
and now i have everything i need to start ... except embroidery thread
and time


  1. LOVE THIS POST! You are the best! You go Squirrel-less girl. It is going to be Awesome, especially with all your changes and most especially with the pickup truck. I am very excited and will donate some time to you because I can't wait to see how it looks. Even without the squirrel (cause I like squirrels)

  2. I think we need to do an intervention here......

  3. Sqwerls are cute little fellers but I can understand they would be a nuisance if you had to share your little corner of the earth with them.....we don't have any here in Aus....I like the Crabapple Hill pattern but we don't have sleighs and we didn't go over the hill to Grandmas, it was on flat ground......yep, I can see why you have trouble relating to it although you like it.....

  4. We are from the same school of thought, "why make the pattern you've bought when you can make a better one" I love the batiks with the Awesome, so far, I've not been able to intermingle my batiks with non batiks...I'm happy you're open to it.

    Those fat quarter bundles are addicting, this time last year, I had NEVER bought one, now I have 4, and it caused me physical pain to untie and actually use one. I hope to keep the other 3 as pets...I should name them...you know, like farm animals, once you name them you can never eat them.

    This should be amazing!

  5. My friend Pauline is doing this one in the original colors so I am going to see how hers comes out before I decide what to do. I want to work on HPV first though. Can't wait to see how it all turns out! You have enough fabric to make it KING sized. HAHA you just supersized your quilt!!

  6. Yes, time is my problem too. Also experience and skill. Sigh.

  7. Oh my! It's going to be Awesome!

  8. And that is just how we end up with so many goodies LOL! Good luck with finding time -- it sounds like it will be really cool!