Saturday, September 18, 2010


what i did for Friday Night Sew-In...when did these stop being fun?!?
i added a very small amount of embroidery to my ongoing HPV* and to the teapots for my PPSS BOM quilt ... i didn't do much done on any of them ... but i did watch the last disc of Stargate Universe 1.5 again ... Auntia was a lot more productive than i was ... i think it's cuz she has much younger hands ... my own hands are tired ... very, very tired

*edit - HPV is Hocuspocusville, not the virus!!!


  1. Like the HPV quilt even though the name sounds like some sort of deadly virus.....and looking forward to seeing the teapots.

  2. I'm the same as Jennifer...I keep thinking you are talking about an STD...ahhhh...and then my brain register's that you are talking about embroidery! LOL Scares me for a little bit!!!!

    I think you stitched a bunch! I haven't had time to pick up a needle and thread all week and that makes ranette a very sad girl :o(

  3. I'm so jealous every time I see your progress on Hocuspocusville, I just love that pattern! Keep at it, every little stitch adds up.

  4. You've been busy blogging and now I have to catch up. I saw HPV at Creative Needle and was tempted by the snowman pattern like the one you made. What stitch do you mainly use for these blocks? Is it a backstitch or a stemstitch?

  5. HAHAH HPV!! I just gave my fabric to LTW's dad to do all the tracing for me. How did I not know that you like Stargate too?? I like SG1 best then Atlantis and I am beginning to warm up to Universe but am finding it difficult to like more than just Eli.