Friday, April 30, 2010


last month's Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler BOM meeting wasn't as boisterous as usual ... More Than A Gardner and Peggy Money Penny and Peggy Perfect showed up for the 10:00 instead of the early meeting but it was still loud and crowded ... lottsa grumbling ... and grouching ... the Hoarse Whisperer asked if it was ever gonna stop taking three hours to make one 6-inch block ... i'm thinking that if we'd all stop whining and start sewing we just might show some progress
and maybe ... just maybe ... if i would pay attention to the little numbers on the foundation paper instead of adding pieces whenever i decide to i might not have to rip out so many stitches
i'm gonna blame some of my poor judgment on inhaling smoke from a burning electric motor ... when i was assembling my blocks a couple of weeks ago, Auntia was in the kitchen making frosting for her cake decorating lesson ... i smelled burning plastic ... and heard a whole lotta discouraging words ... and then more smoke wafted up the stairs ... along with even more disgruntled language ... then the front door slammed ... and slammed again ... when i peeked down the stairs i saw some stomping and flailing and some huffing and puffing ... i opened two windows and hid in the magick shoppe till Auntia's temper cooled ... i gave my poor little hand mixer a decent burial after he stopped spewing sparks and smoldering ... and when the air was finally clear i was able to finish my blocks...Jack in the Pulpit and Big T
i have seven teapots and a teacup stitched for alternate blocks...bor-ing!
i'm already bored with the floss colors ... i might end up breaking my own rule and adding some more greens and yellows
even though i told myself
don't do it!
this is a blue and white quilt ... you are already breaking the rules by allowing any green and yellow
do you remember what happened with Sunny-Side Up?!? your blue and white quilt looked liked fried eggs!

just shut up and stitch with what you have!
i dunno ... maybe it's just a delayed response to smoke and sparks and flames


  1. Oh dear, poor hand mixer......keep persevering with the floss colours, when it is all together it will be worth it. It will look very pretty.

  2. What are you talking about?! Your blocks look great!!! I love to paper piece, but I know it's not everyone's thing. We can still be friends...LOL

  3. I had a little run in with an electric mixer once. Several trips to the doctor later, I now own the sweetest PINK Kitchen Aid mixer that never gives me any trouble.

  4. I might add that temper and discouraging words were involved, too.

  5. Yellow and blue make green so you see it is all in the family! No problem. Add away. = )

  6. I think you just need to add a beer mug and a martini glass in with those tea pots and everything will be in better balance.