Friday, April 23, 2010

aunt hill

months and months and months ago i started an applique project ... i wanted to make a special sumpin sumpin for my sister ... for mother's day ... this year ... which is now just 16 days away ... so i went looking for it today ... and couldn't find it under the stack of stuff that has piled up in the months and months and months since i last worked on it ... but Auntia the finder of all things knew right where it was and brought it to me ... so i stitched and stitched and stitched today...ants in her pants
and actually finished the embroidery ... and then i sewed for a bit ... aunt hill is now a pocket for the special sumpin sumpin ... and i just might get it done ... for mother's day ... this year


  1. That's cute! and

  2. I can see your girl in a congo line....

  3. Aha...I see where this went......where do you get your fabric? I don't see stuff like this where I shop.