Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cake decorating 201

Auntia and Mrs. Moth decided to learn cake decorating ... separately ... Auntia went to Jo-Ann Fabric for the first course last year and i posted about it here ... Mrs. Moth went to Michaels for the first course early this year and i didn't post about it cuz i was too busy eating the cakes that she made each week and i didn't get any pictures .... they took the second course together ... last night was their graduation...last picture first cuz they are even prettier than their cakes
and i drove over just before the end of class so i could see them working their magick and make sure that at least one of the cakes came home with me...check out those aprons!who has a problem with asymmetry?who does not have a problem with asymmetry?
i was making them nervous and disrupting the class ... so i went shopping while they finished up...Auntia's finished cake
they learned how to basket weave with frosting...Angela's finished cake
the flowers taste like a spoon full of pretty sugar - and no pollen! i dunno how Mrs. Moth's cake tastes ... but Auntia's is To. Die. For.
i wonder ... if i make them some more aprons ... will they keep me in cakes for the rest of forever?


  1. I think your aprons compliment the students and make them look very "professional"! How does one cut into something that looks so pretty? Are those the decorations that you had in a box and the little birdies went bye-bye?

  2. Oh my, don't those cakes look wonderful! Congratulations to the makers.

  3. well, decorating cakes is something one needs to practice. And..someone has to eat all those practice pieces..why not you??

  4. seams.... like an even trade to me

  5. So I went back and read Cake Decorating 101, clowns are scary, even when they aren't on a cake. So Auntia's first icing tasted like goo, did she get a different recipe for this cake?

    Wow, I'm impressed the cakes look so good after just 2 different series of classes! Great job girls!

    I ordered my last cake from the cake decorator plain, no decorations just icing, I think the decorations have a funky taste, and I like my cake funk free.

    The aprons look great!

  6. The aprons are adorable, the cakes are, too --but mostly the girls! Are they sisters? (Your daughters?)