Saturday, April 17, 2010

FNSI and other acronyms

last night was the Friday Night Sew-In ... and i almost blew it ... i knew about it in plenty of time ... as a matter of fact, yesterday afternoon i asked Auntia what she was gonna be working on ... what she said was
F and G
what i heard was
i used to work at a Company that is FAMOUS for its acronyms ... my favorite was Fast Action Response Team ... but then they came up with International Fast Action Response Team ... i had just taken a sip of coffee the first time i read that and i almost spewed ... anywho ... i was trying to work out what F.N.G. might stand for and you do not want to know what i said out loud cuz it was not okay when my mind decided that it had actually heard
effing g
i gasped and said

in my best shame on you!!! voice ... and then i had to admit what i thought she had said ... she shook her head at me and sighed
anywho ... after a day of work and errands i found myself sitting down at the computer to catch up on reading blogs ... i guess i don't have to add anything to that ... my mind crept back to the real world at o'dark-thirty and i remembered that i was supposed to be having fun stitching ... it was too late to cut anything and i couldn't settle at the machine to sew the last two seams of the SS3 BOM ... so i picked up my PPSS BOM embroidery...twisted vs simple
and finished the last bit of the yellow rose teacup ... then i stitched the outline of the dogwood teacup and saucer which isn't really as warped as it looks in the picture ... but i couldn't focus on the pale blue floss for the dogwood flowers ... so i put that away and took out HPV and worked a bit mostly taking out two-stranded stitches where i was supposed to use just one strand ... i stitched my way through two discs of AEITB before i decided that it was time to turn out the light cuz we had to get up early this morning to go on the OSSH ... and that's how i spent my FNSI


  1. Your yellow rose teacup is very pretty, I'm quite fond of yellow roses you know.....are dogwood flowers blue? We don't have them in Australia, I don't think I have ever seen one. And why are they called dogwood? do dogs like them? do they smell like wet dog?

  2. Looks like fun! I cracked up about what you heard v what Auntia said!!

  3. Hi Dianne....I've missed your wit and your gorgeous embroidery. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. OSSH? I can come up with a couple possibilities on what that means, but you'd probably want to use your "shame on you" voice on me too! BTW, I kind of forgot the FNSI, so you're not alone. I actually remembered later in the evening, but I just had no enthusiasm for sewing, so I flaked out. Next month, for sure!

  5. Okay, so now I'm cofused (doesn't take much). What did FNG turn out to be?
    Just be glad you don't know anyone in
    Effingham (Illinois)

  6. OMG I missed this post while I was on the East Coast - roflol!