Sunday, April 25, 2010


kinda sums up what i've been doing since noon ... Auntia and Mrs. Moth are taking the second of the Wilton cake decorating courses ... one of them who shall remain anonymous but her initials are Angela didn't have an apron ... she's been borrowing Little Nonnie's Sylvester and Tweety apron for the classes ... since the last class is tomorrow night and i am so incredibly proud of my baby girls' frosting flowers and i needed to sew aunt hill into an apron for my sister, i decided to make aprons today ... Auntia is busy frosting cakes so i had to use the plate holder as a mannequin...aunt hill and her slice of life
aunt hill's backup plan
one guess who this one is for
can you tell who her favorite transformer (robots in disguise) is?
the power of the dark side
purple tulips and bumblebees for Mrs. Moth
i managed to break the frosting birds that are supposed to go on the cakes - they shattered like glass and made a mess all over the floor ... anywho ... these are the flowers that are gonna go on the cakes...daffodils and roses and daisies and cherry blossoms and primroses and pansies and violets! suh-weet!!!
we managed to salvage two of the four birds - but they don't have beaks anymore
i dunno if i'll try to make three aprons in one afternoon again ... Sven and i feel like we've been beaten with a stick


  1. Apparently making aprons is addictive because I know someone else who has made over 100 for everyone and everyone they know. I hope it isn't catching!

  2. Suh-weet! I like the plate holder-upper. Cute picture of the chicklets too!
    I loved the apron parade with the editorial comments on the "rest of the story." Suh-weet Dreeeeeams tonight - you deserve it after your Apronathon.

  3. The cake plate holder makes a good mannequin, did it take much practice or did it come already trained? They are great aprons!

  4. Fabulous aprons.

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. I have a baking DD and bought a yard or so of cupcake fabric for a pie and tart quilt. Perhaps an apron is a better (and faster)idea!!!

  6. I love the aprons but where is the one for Mama Spark? I must have missed that one! Right? Right? LOL. Too cute!

  7. I love the aprons, matching aprons are on my list for my daughter and I for Thanksgiving, don't tell!!

    So after the cakes are decorated, do you get to eat them? That's what I'm about the eating of the cakes, not the decorating.

    Were you in deep doo doo for dropping the birdies?

  8. Very, very cute aprons! The ant one is my favorite. I'm with Thelma on the cake thing--the eating part is what I'd be waiting for!