Thursday, April 8, 2010

alphabet soup

after i finished what a wonderful world, i loaded the frame with alphabet soup - a flimsy that has been waiting to be quilted since ... let me go check ... december 28, 2007 ...... i started it in september of the same year - right after i found out that there would be a new little sunday - but i kept stalling out ... the expectant parents decided that they weren't gonna know the baby's gender till her birth day ... and then i was told that the baby's room was gonna have an under the sea theme ... so i put away alphabet soup and started working on a turtle quilt ... but i ran out of blue wave fabric and put the turtles away ... i took alphabet soup back out and decided that it was far too loud for a baby and added an outer border to calm it down ... and then i decided that a bitty baby probably wouldn't want a quilt with a bunch of sharp pencils pieced all over it and went back to the turtle quilt ... but the turtle quilt was too blue ... i came up with the brilliant - not! idea of making a signature quilt for the new baby ... so i sewed together a backing and some binding and put alphabet soup in a project bag under the quilting frame ... and promptly forgot about it ...... anywho ...... i finished quilting it a few days ago...see what i mean about those sharp pencils?a ... b ... see ... all those inconsistent stitches
i dunno what photo shop has against those colors - that's actually cheeto orange and crackly lavender and dark sky bluechalkboard green flannel wasn't on sale - so i settled for moss green - which you wouldn't know looking at that picture
the new little sunday just celebrated her second birthday and ended up with a way cool quilt named Good Wishes Fishes ... so alphabet soup is gonna go hug my favorite blue-eyed blond-headed boy
but ... wait ... that's not the end of the story ... i went looking for one of the practice pencils to use for the naming block and found this...leftovers ... groan
i guess i'm not done after all


  1. Now that's bright and cheerful.....a great quilt for a boy!

  2. I think you overthink quilts too much! LOL! ANY kid would love it! It's so very happy looking!

  3. Glad I am not the only one with those kind of Photoshop issues. I like how it finally came out.

  4. Those are all lovely!

    (By the way, I think your grandson's teacher is partly right. Two of my children have always been able to spell - well, since they began to write - and the third is slightly dyslexic, which was obvious to me from the moment she began to write. She was a hilariously phonetic speller as a child and now, at 28, is pretty good - but still has to look things up sometimes. She's learned to spell but it's been an effort.)

  5. Hey, haven't you been to a class or two..what's the latest with Peggy Money Penny.

    I love Alphabet Soup!