Sunday, April 26, 2009

thank yew! thank yew VERY much!!!

here i am, gleefully beside myself
well, in the post preview, it is me beside myself, but in the post i am over the top instead!
i logged on this morning for my morning dose of vitamin Blogs ...
cup of coffee in one hand and cinnamon muffin in the other (the crumbs and coffee are murder on the keyboard - i strongly suggest NOT getting into the habit) and, following my trained monkey instructions, clicked
for a bit of vitamin K ... of course, i had stumbled down the stairs without my glasses, and found myself squinting at the screen, unable to read the words (picture yourself trying to see through waxed paper) and muttering where are my glasses? where are my glasses? hey - that looks like my slippers! ... checked my feet and checked the screen and checked my feet once again ... wait a min-ute! those are my slippers!
there was a mad dash up the stairs (okay, oh-kay - a mad dash for me is more mad than dash, but ... still ... i moved faster than my normal snail's pace) for my spectacles and back again to the computer ... lo and behold - there were my slippers and my name and ... holy crap! i actually won something! and not just any something - i won a book ... and not just any book ... a cookbook ... and not just any cookbook ... Jennifer Chiaverini's
The Quilter's Kitchen
i have been saving my pennies for this book ... can you imagine ... quilts and food and the written word all at the same time?!?
woo hoo!!!
to Kim ... a great big THANK YOU!!!
your generosity is exceeded only by your creativity (love those cherries)!!!
and your husband is my favorite random number generator!

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  1. LOL! I'm on my way to the post office to mail off the prize NOW!