Sunday, April 12, 2009

sunny side up

the Moths celebrated their first wedding anniversary today ... this is the log cabin quilt that i made for Mrs. Moth's wedding present ... it is made of fabric leftover from Little Nonnie's blue and white 80th birthday memory quilt (and i still had enough left to cut strips for another log cabin quilt ... it is ready to sew sometime when my brain won't function for more than sewing straight seams) with yellow for the center hearths ... who knew that the yellow and white would end up looking like fried eggs?!? so i named it sunny side up...
...i used flannel for the back and for the binding ... it is queen-sized and much heavier than i would have thought - lots of thread goes into a log cabin block and the weight really adds up ... after sewing the last few stitches on the binding, i found out that their bedroom was gonna be brown and turquoise, so this doesn't go with anything they have - i should have just bought something from their registry!
p.s. - and there was enough flannel left for a baby blanket (good thing there are flowers on the blue flannel - the baby is a girl ... that is, if the little stinkpot ever decides to make an appearance!) ... hey, i was just thinking ahead!


  1. Love it! Sunny Side Up is a great name. :)

  2. This quilt is amazing!! Love your name for it too!!