Friday, April 24, 2009

high maintenance

...ebony was already having a rough (ruff) morning ... and she knows that when the purple leash comes out, things are just gonna go from bad to worse ...... look at that face ...... first, she missed her last grooming appointment ... then her allergies kicked in and she licked off most of the fur on her nose ... her eyes got itchy and that made her third eyelid puff up ... her ears were infected (her ears are always infected) ... and it was time for her 3 year vaccinations ... not to mention the kennel cough injection and a general physical (which always involves a thermometer and a pain in the butt) ... her nails were too long, her feet were matted, and her bangs were doing that doodah thing that they do ... and then alpha had the audacity to wash her face ...
...she came back clean and coiffed ... her personal body servant, chauffeur, accountant, nurse, grounds keeper and chef took care of the bills and removed her shiny new rabies tag before she broke her teeth chewing on it ... and then led the princess to her throne ... it's a dog's life

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