Saturday, April 11, 2009

fly like an eagle

my big brother, Skip, is one of the good guys ... when i realized that he was gonna be 60 (on September 5, 2008) i bought some fabric to make a quilt for him ... car hops, cars, Route 66, and some batiks ... with no clue of what i would do with them ...... he is a car guy (especially Chevys) and he loves Nascar (he thinks football is boring - he watches cars go 'round and 'round and 'round a track instead) ...... when he was sowing his wild oats, a lot of them took root at the Scotchman - yep, my brother was a cruiser - he would tank up (gas was less than a quarter a gallon) and go 'round and 'round and 'round from 16th Street to the drive-in and back again ...... he loves the mountains ...... he was a sailor during the Vietnam War, so i wanted to include the Navy ...... and the man really really, really likes eagles...
...the eagle fabric that i found was wrong - the colors wouldn't work ... and the Navy fabric that i found was wrong - the colors wouldn't work ... so i scrapped (as in a scrapbook page) the sailor idea and traced eagles and clouds and mountains and trees (adapted from continuous-line quilting designs by Laura Lee Fritz) so i could include the eagles that he loves so much... ...the Chevy bow tie made it into top and bottom borders ...... when we were young, we went on a car trip to see our relatives (including the world's best auntie and uncle) in California - those were some good times ... i was little, but i know that some of our kicks were on Route 66...
...and this is my brother from the same mother's quilt, fly like an eagle ... the star is kinda wonky and i loaded the backing fabric (Jeff Gordon #24 flannel) upside down on the frame (go figure) ... but it is still kinda cool ... just like my bro.

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