Saturday, April 11, 2009


last night i used up hours and hours trying to make a button for my blog ... i understand the URL addresses part, but my image was ... well ... it was ... HUGE ... and it had to be put down for its own good ... then i used up some more hours trying to move pictures off the camera ... they are probably forever lost in the computer's innards ... and now my blog list is MIA ... not to mention the poor quality of pictures that i actually do manage to move over here ... sheesh.

anywho, while reading blogs this morning (yes ... yes ... i do have other things to do, but the other things involve toilet bowl brushes and vacuum cleaners and dust cloths and the washing machine ... shudder) i was directed to a give-away (thanks, mamasparks) here for 30 fat quarters - and she has a bunch of other giveaways listed, too ... so check it out if giveaways are your kinda thing...

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