Sunday, April 19, 2009

good wishes fishes

this is Peanut Butter Cup's good wishes fishes quilt ... i didn't finish it till christmas because ... well ... there was a delay with the fish blocks being signed ...... actually, some good wish fish blocks remain missing in action in the world outside ... maybe they will become a wall hanging someday ... or not...
...Corbadoo went shopping with Auntia and me on fat quarter friday at a local quilt shop (the lqs is no longer open - no link) and picked out the colors for his baby sister's fish ...... when i ran out of the background batik, we went back for some more and it was gone ... okay, i have to admit - i teared up a bit ... okay, oh-kay, i cried ... like a baby ...... but then Auntia found the brighter turquoise batik (it looks like seaweed, trees, or arteries ... i can't decide) and saved the day ... the backing is flannel...
...i stitched-in-the-ditch around the signature blocks after free motion quilting the top, bottom and sides with sea horses and seaweed, shells and fish ... and this time i was not disappointed with my quilting ... i guess i am getting a little better at it

fourteen inches of snow on friday ... but today
the sun is shining and the snow is melting
the mountains are looking especially glorious and the plains are freshly scrubbed
april in colorado is a month of extremes, innit?

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  1. Cool fish! No spelling mistakes for you either!! You are very prolific! I'm jealous.