Saturday, August 20, 2011

wee piggies

i didn't accomplish anything of note for the Friday Night Sew-In ... and no one wants to see a picture of nothing ... however ... this picture...
which little piggy had roast beast?!?
is too sweet, innit?

those are my newest granddaughter's little toes ... her daddy (Earth Science) painted them ... and i think that is pretty doggone awesome


  1. What a special picture...very sweet! I miss itty bitty toes around this house :( Not that I'm eager to become a g'ma, but still, there is nothing like a sweet little one.
    Oh, when was this new baby born?

  2. Very cute little piggies, and oh-so-flash with the paint!

  3. Oh what adorable little toes--they seem like light years away for me....daughter 21, son 14! I have fallen in love with your blog--I wish I could follow--I have been reading back posts too!

    I have to ask you, on HPV (not the virus), did you back each block with muslin like the pattern calls for? I have one block drawn out, and before I begin I just wanna know....does it make a difference? I know Crabapple Hill says to...just askin...I also have Hot Flashes to work on--haven't started yet though...

  4. Awwwww....So sweet!

  5. Adorable! I could look at the picture for hours and dream gran (grandmother dreams). The orange leaf on 8-1-11 is a surprise! (just came from Kim's ...) Happy Monday morning to yeah - granny.

  6. Barb - you are no-reply, so i'll answer you here ... no, i did not use muslin to back the blocks - i couldn't needle through both pieces of fabric AND i'm a lazy slacker ... i might regret it later, but i think it will be okay - i don't carry the thread across the back more than a quarter inch or so (i'm a starter/stopper) and i start stitching with a tiny loop (like i do with cross stitch) and end with a skinny pull-through knot - then i weave through a few previous stitches before i snip the thread ... sometimes i think the back of my work looks better than the front - ha ha ha!

  7. Blogger won't let me comment! Wah!
    Oh, wait, they will! Just wondering if all those cute little piggies went to market together? With that giant thumb as chaperone of course!

  8. Those toes are adorable!! Could not be any sweeter!