Wednesday, August 31, 2011

front and center

of a work in progress...
samhein sunset?!?
this is what the purple practice posted previously was practice for ... and it was NOT the walk in the park that i thought it would be, lemmetellya ... i had a devilish time keeping the sides on the straight of grain ... i pieced a bunch of different sizes of grey and green strips for the cemetery yeah, well, it is SUPPOSED to look like a cemetery - that's my story and i'm sticking with it and put them all together - there must have been hundreds of little tombstones ... when i asked,
"well, Auntia, what do you think of my cemetery?" 
she answered with,
"that is a LOT of dead bodies!"  
so i guess it's a good thing that i wasn't able to use all of them, innit? next up is a moon between those trees ... Applique, thy name is fill in the appropriate four letter word.


  1. I LOVE this. What prompted all the scenery quilts? And practice for what?? I hate being out of the loop!!!

  2. Cool! I've seen this pattern before... I think I ripped it out of some magazine. I thought to use it for "Walk in the Woods" for New Moon, but I ended up using something else.

  3. Interesting design, are you getting in early for Halloween? Do I see a ghostly form flitting between the trees? Or perhaps the last coffee I had was a bit strong......

  4. Cool! I like it! You can never have too many bodies in a cemetery, can you?

  5. No offence,but it really looks like a cemetery.. Why do you want to sew that unless..
    a. it IS for halloween
    b. it didn't turn out right
    c. you are very depressed and in need of instant help.
    d. ????
    Help me out here I obviously missed something!

  6. Awesomesauce!! Love it!! Makes me want to howl (as soon as the moon appears).

  7. I think its very pretty. Great use of colour and the 'shock' of the subject matter makes for a sweet change :)