Tuesday, August 30, 2011


*friends don't let friends choose fabrics in the dark

cuz this is what happens...
yikes! where is Auntia when i need her to just say no?!?
bleck ... the pattern is from the book Winter Trees by Jane Kennedy 
the fabrics looked okay together when i pulled them from the stash ... it was about one in the morning and i was using a flashlight ... okay ... okay ... OKAY ... that isn't quite true - but it WAS after a very long day and i didn't want to waste any of my blue sky fabrics on a trial ... good thing this one was just for practice, innit?!?


  1. I like it! Purplelyland is awesomesauce!

  2. I don't think it's a total loss. I like the sky. And I like the trees. Live and learn, uh?

  3. Sometimes the sky looks purple to me....it's probably just bruised though......

  4. What kind of mood were you in when you decided to make this pattern, it's so stark, barren, and depressing, and you have a whole book of these patterns? I think I would have bought the Summer Trees book.

    Some folks just don't appreciate art when they see it, am I seeing it? ; ))

    Your technique is flawless!!

  5. I like it Dianne. I'm with Teresa...I really like the sky...looks like a Winter sky to me and I...AM....SO...Ready....for...Winter!