Wednesday, August 17, 2011

gotta good reason

we've reached the halfway point of the Hot Flashes BOM ... this month's block is called Flushed, Sweat & Tears...
the pattern calls for 16 flying geese and lottsa two inch squares...
Sheri the Shop Owner's
 which made me flush and sweat and want to cry ... i looked at Auntia and rolled my eyes ... she rolled her eyes back ... neither of us wanted to try matching all those points if we didn't have to ... we started redrafting the block in our notebook with square-in-a-square to replace eight of the flying geese, while Sheri the Shop Owner continued with her demonstration ...  Auntia drew a paper-piecing pattern for the square-in-a-squares cuz mine always turn out wonky and made copies for both of us to use ... and we used rectangles instead of squares for all but the four corners ... i'm all 
 for taking the easy way out


  1. See.... that's exactly what I would have done!

    I like the pink!!

  2. I'm with you! Who needs all that bulk? As I read "16 flying geese" my brain was already shouting "square in a square!" Good for Auntia! I'm sure yours will be the most streamlined hot flashes!!

  3. Of course it is easier, and quicker, and more accurate to do it your way.....wonder why the shop owner doesn't do that? Perhaps she wants to dazzle you all with science?

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks, "there must be an easier and faster way"! Good for you two! I still can't comment any way except as annoymnous, so you'll just have to accept me that way.
    MamaT (teresa)

  5. Oooh, that pink block is very cool. The color combo makes it look like it's faded. (And tell sweet little Auntia that if Moda could get it's act together I could send her her prize. Not to worry -- I haven't forgotten!!!)

  6. Well, I would be the dumbhead that would try to do all those flying geese, get frustrated because not one point matched, rip it out, try again with same results, more frustration and ending up just KNOWING I'm a no good quilter and I'll never learn. Then I'd take a shower, hit the couch, stuff calories in my face (that i will regret later)and go to bed with a headache, leaving my sewingroom in a total mess in which it will remain for days on end.
    I should listen to you more often.

  7. I think Annemiek and I were separated at birth because she wrote what I was going to write! LOL

  8. Three cheers for the easier way! Love, love, love shortcuts especially when it involves less triangles!