Saturday, August 27, 2011

and then there were none

the last time i posted about the Pink and Orange BOM blocks, there were four completed quilts and 24 leftover blocks ... now there are six quilts... 
twist of lime
irish gelatto
and no more blocks...
 woo hootie hoo!!! 
 the next time i start a BOM and i get the ridiculous idea to make all of the blocks and their alternates times three in another colorway ... will someone please smack me upside the head?!?


  1. You are funny....And industrious....and, of course, crazy! That top quilt made juice squirt out of my teeth!

  2. Wowsers, six quilts! no doubt about it, you have earned your place in Quilter's Heaven. Saint Peter will be presenting you with the Golden Scissors as you stagger in the gate....

  3. You know me, I just would have tried to find someone willing to take those extra blocks off my hands and out of my sewing room, great job! Congratulations on 6 wonderful finishes, you must feel pounds lighter now, which means you get to eat something really yummy, who needs to feel pounds lighter?

    There's a quiet little shout out to Auntia on my bog today, tell her to take a look! Hey to my favorite girl Lulu!!!!

  4. I find I cannot volunteer to smack you. Doing so would be too hypocritical.....

  5. Oh, I LOVE them! Especially the top one with the black--yummy! (My word verification is "eggstorg." Hummmm.)

  6. Ohh, pick me! I'd love to do the smacking! Seriously, awesome quilts though.