Friday, April 22, 2011

do or do not

there is no try...Auntia's Yoda quilt ... too many Yodas there can never be
a few years ago i made lots and lots of kaleidoscope quilts ... people in my family actually started to hide from me so they wouldn't be saddled with one ... but Auntia actually wanted hers cuz her favorite Star Wars character is Yoda and i bought lots of Yoda fabric...Yoda flannel - whodathunk?!?
and when it was time for the actual quilting i was kinda weary of the little green guy - so i decided to quilt it with one of my favorites...R2D2 getting whacked by Yoda's light saber
i wouldn't want to have to choose between R2D2 and Chewbaca in real life - but in the quilting world R2 was probably easier to continuous line quilt...what is THAT supposed to be?!?
i simplified a drawing from a Star Wars coloring book okay, i confess, it was actually from MY coloring book and i still don't share it with anyone and quilted row after row ... it was one of my better machine quilting efforts which just goes to show you how low my standards are and a lot more intense than the loops and swirls i have been quilting lately ... anywho ... that was august of 2008 and i named it Do or Do Not
cuz there is no try


  1. You are my hero.... This quilt is just plain awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Force was with you when you made this!

  3. Go through that Stack n Whack phase, who did not, hmmmm? Of them I only made two. Both living somewhere else, are they, probably in the closest. Yes, hmmmm. Treasure that Yoda quilt and quilting forever, who would not. hmmm? Herh, herh, herh.

  4. Oh hey, I've been wondering where you were...glad to see you back Dianne!

    Okay, I confess....I've never seen Star Wars...there, it's out. My sister and I went to see The Other Side of Midnight instead (cause we were teenagers in that lustful stage....hehe)
    Oh and I only made one Stack N Whack (which lives with my mother-in-law)

    It is a cool quilt though and I'm impressed with the quilting!

  5. I have resisted Stack 'n Whack thus far, but that green one is very easy on the eye! Clever you!

  6. You are a brave woman! That kind of quilting would intimidate me!! The force must have been with you, LOL.

  7. Hey, I'm curious. I'm trying to find some fabric with JUST yoda with no luck (except for fleece). Could you give me any direction?