Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pressing matters

to press
or not to press?!?
when i am working with bias edges, i usually don't press ... and i usually regret it ... but when i DO press ... well, i always regret it ... so i didn't press this time till i was finished with all of the sashing for the setting triangles ... the top was spread out on the floor and Auntia said...
i'm really, really glad that i don't have to press that...

who said you don't have to press it?!? if it's gonna be yours, i think that's the least you can do...

i am NOT pressing that mess - you should have pressed as you sewed.

yeah ... well ... maybe so
and maybe no...

it was an intense hour with Ensign Ro*, lemmetellya ... i tried using steam - till i realized that i was making a mess of things - and then i took three steps back and ran into the baker's rack that holds the tv ... counted to ten ... took a few deep breaths ... thought some more bad words ... and tried again...Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler with setting triangles and sashing
and without too many more bad words Ensign Ro and i smoothed the beast ... and now i get to pick out all of those little pieces of paper-piecing paper cuz i have no more excuses...

*Ensign Ro is our Rowenta iron - i know that she is a Bajoran cuz of all the wrinkles


  1. Wow! THat's a beautiful quilt -- pressed or not LOL!

  2. I learned the hard way to always press every seam the minute after it's sewn. It's almost undo-able after the whole top is done!
    Last time DD, friend and I paperpieced a project, it got so messy when plucking out the pp paper, that DH came to vacuum WHILE we were still busy sewing, and no one asked him to do so. We were all covered in tiny white pieces and the room looked like it had been snowing indoors....*lol*

  3. BEAUTIFUL quilt!

    I would've said the words outloud..'cause that is just me!

  4. I'm a presser...every seam, but I'm careful when I press...skills baby, such skills I have...LOL

    It is a beautiful quilt...I'm really digging the blue and white Dianne.

  5. Awesome...blossom! Sorry haven't visited, I've been caught up in all my woes.

    Everything looks wonderful. I'm so envious that you've gotten so much done!!

    I've been told that just about anything can be quilted out. I'd send you to the entry, but I can't find it...

  6. I'm a presser.....And learned recently [the hard way, of course!] that if you have to work with bias edges you'd better have a can of sizing at the ready. I'm not a big fan of sashing usually,but I love your sashing on this....It helps that I'm partial to blue too!

  7. I love how this has come out. I used to press, press, press, now,depending on the quilt sometimes I do it once I get rows put together. I use steam sometimes and not others. I use spray starch sometimes and not others too. Helpful aren't I?? I have taken some classes where the teacher (national teachers too) said they don't press until finished and then press from the top and let the seams go however they like. That's a little too free for me (read control freak over here) but you should do whatever works for you with that particular quilt!